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September 21, 2018

#2049: Unfulfilling Toys

Unfulfilling Toys

[The comic presents toys in six different frames.]

[Cueball slaps his wrist with a strap-like item in his hand.]


Rigid slap bracelet

[Cueball jumps on top of a pouch full of air connected via a hose to an air propelled rocket. The pouch does not budge and the rocket remains connected to its base.]

Sealed stomp rocket

[Ponytail holds a water gun and makes use of its hand-operated pump system.]

Pump pump pump



Pump-only SuperSoaker

[Megan pulls an item apart between her hands. The middle section breaks into many pieces on the ground and liquid is falling from the end parts.]


Glass glow stick

[Cueball holds a figurine sitting on top of a hand-held device and pulls a string connected to it.]


Wingless sky dancer

[Megan holds a yo-yo until the yo-yo falls from the string and starts rolling on the ground.]


No-strings-attached yo-yo

[Caption below the frames:]

My least successful product line was probably “deeply unfulfilling versions of classic toys.”