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September 10, 2018

#2044: Sandboxing Cycle

Sandboxing Cycle

[The comic consists of four panels arranged in a circle around the center. Black arrows connecting them clockwise in an infinite loop. All panels show the same 14 tiny circles and three different rings embedding some of the circles while other circles are outside. A few circles and rings are connected by lines but there is no connection between them all.]

[The panel at top left shows this configuration but with a few circles in red.]

“I wish these parts could communicate more easily.”

[Clockwise the next panel on the right shows new lines in green connecting nearly all remaining also now green circles and the lower most circle has a dashed green line to the outside.]

“Ohh, this new technology makes it easy to create arbitrary connections, integrating everything!”

[At the third panel to the bottom right all green parts are now in black and even more connections are established. Parts of these and some others are now highlighted in red.]

“Uh-oh, there are so many connections it’s creating bugs and security holes!”

[At the fourth panel to the bottom left all red parts are now in black, showing a complex structure. Four green rings separate the structure with only green connections between them and to the outside.]

“Ohh, this new technology makes it easy to enclose arbitrary things in secure sandboxes!”

[The arrow above the fourth panel connects it to the first and the circle continues from the beginning.]