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August 31, 2018

#2040: Sibling-in-Law


[A single layer of a family tree with 15 people depicted as sticky figures side by side is shown. They are connected alternated either by a bracket on top or a short line between them. The four outermost figures on each side are faded out in gray.]

[In the middle is Cueball and from below an arrow points at him:]


[To the left Ponytail is connected by a bracket and the arrow below says:]


[To the right of Cueball Megan is shown connected by a small line, an arrow below her reads:]


[Further to the left and the right the next figures have an arrow below with the nested text:]


[The next connected figures on both sides are drawn with two other wider arrows embedding this statement:]

Also siblings-in-law, I think?

[All remaining figures left and right have similar arrows below and the text is:]

Possible additional siblings-in-law???

[Caption below the frame:]

People complain that “th cousin times removed” is hard to understand, but to me the most confusing one is sibling-in-law, because it chains across both sibling and marriage links and I don’t really know where it stops.