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August 27, 2018

#2038: Hazard Symbol

Hazard Symbol

[The comic shows symbols, drawn in black on top of a yellow background.]

[One large symbol embeds four others and it’s composed of the outline of three overlapping and outwards narrowing rings arranged by 120 degrees.]

[The symbol at the center shows at the same orientation three blades with a small stepped circle in the middle.]

[Inside the ring on top is a symbol of a backwards falling human with a small line depicting the ground.]

[The ring on the right below the center contains a circle with radiant alternating smaller and longer lines around. One more longer line points toward the center of the image.]

[Embedded into the left lower ring is a bolt with an arrow pointing left downwards.]

[Caption below:]

It’s important to know the international warning symbol for radioactive high-voltage laser-emitting biohazards that coat the floor and make it slippery.