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August 24, 2018

#2037: Supreme Court Bracket

Supreme Court Bracket

[A tournament bracket tree is shown with 16 participants each on the left and right side. From both sides toward the middle the brackets reduce to eight, then four, two, and one line where the latter join to a rectangle in the middle.]

[Left side:]

Marbury - Madison

McCulloch - Maryland

Gibbons - Ogden

Near - Minnesota

NLRB - Jones & Laughlin

Brown - Board of Education

Gideon - Wainwright

Griswold - Connecticut

[Right side:]

Miranda - Arizona

Loving - Virginia

Roe - Wade

United States - Nixon

Bush - Gore

Lawrence - Texas

Massachusetts - EPA

Obergefell - Hodges

[Caption below the frame:]

Now that we’ve finished the round of 32, the Supreme Court will be moving on to the Sweet 16.