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August 17, 2018

#2034: Equations


[Nine equations are listed, three in the top row and two in each of the next three rows. Below each equation there are labels:]

E=K0t+1/2 ρvt2

All kinematics equations

Kn=∑∞i=0∑∞π=0(n-π)(i-eπ-∞) [K sub n = the summation from i = 0 to infinity of the sum from pi = 0 to infinity of (n - pi) * (i-e^(pi-infinity))]

All number theory equations

∂/∂t ∇⋅ρ=8/23 (∯ ρ ds dt ⋅ ρ ∂/∂∇)

All fluid dynamics equations


All quantum mechanics equations


All chemistry equations


All quantum gravity equations

Sg=(-1)/(2ε̄) ið(̂ ξ0 ⨢ pε ρvabc⋅η0)̂ f̵a0 λ(ξ) ψ(0a)

All gauge theory equations

H(t)+Ω+G⋅Λ …

[There is a brace linking the three cases together.]

… > 0 (Hubble model)

… = 0 (Flat sphere model)

… < 0 (Bright dark matter model)

All cosmology equations

Ĥ - u̧0 = 0

All truly deep physics equations