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July 4, 2018

#2015: New Phone Thread

New Phone Thread

[A thread of posts by the same user is shown with a default user profile, and square and heart-shaped buttons.]

Whoa, weird

I’m looking at my timeline on my friends phone, and some of my posts look normal

What the hell?

I mean the words are correct

That’s exactly what I typed!


I think this new phone is working really well

No, it’s doing it again

Those are my words!


How do I explain?

It’s taking the words I type and leaving them exactly the same

Forget it, I give up

I’ll never get a new phone. This one is perfect.


Listen, if you’re thinking about buying the new Mobile Pro 3, you should. It’s the best phone on the market at an incredible price. [ORDER NOW button]


I love my new phone!!!!