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July 25, 2018

#2024: Light Hacks

Light Hacks

[Megan walks to the right, holding a sheet of paper and a light bulb]

Megan: I discovered a cool life hack - you can put a white sheet behind a lightbulb to reflect more light.

Off-panel voice: I’m … not sure that’s a life hack.

[Megan stops, and positions the light bulb between two sheets of paper]

Megan: And you can put a sheet in front to diffuse the light.

Off-panel voice: So you’ve invented the lampshade.

Megan: Life hacks!

Megan: Freeman Dyson suggested that advanced civilizations would build spherical shells that surrounded their bulbs, redirecting 100% of their energy.

Off-panel voice: Yes, they have those at IKEA.

Megan: Well, they might. Infrared surveys are inconclusive.

Off-panel voice: You know you can just check their website.

Megan: Ooh, great life hack!

Off-panel voice: No!