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July 20, 2018

#2022: Sports Champions

Sports Champions

[Two rows of people wielding sports equipment are shown, six in the upper row, five in the lower, only the last has no equipment but is standing behind a lectern with a microphone attached to it. Below each person, their name is given and the decade in which they were champions of their sport is given below their name, in brackets. Here is a list of the 11 people:]

[Woman with dark hair holding a tennis racket]

Margaret Court


[Cueball with a golf club]

Gary Player


[Cueball with a basketball]

Lonzo Ball


[Hairy on a skateboard]

Jake Halfpipe


[Woman with dark hair wearing a swim cap and goggles]

Sarah Goggles


[A man with a baseball cap throwing a baseball to the right]

Kevin Slurve


[A woman with long black hair in a knit cap and wearing ski googles is standing on skis holding ski poles]

Julia Chairlift


[Hairy holding a badminton racket bouncing a shuttlecock on it]

Dwight Shuttlecock


[Hairy holding a pair of shoes in his hand]

Brandon Sponsorship


[Hairbun standing next to a bicycle.]

Kate Dopingscandal


[Hairy standing behind a lectern with a microphone on it.]

Jebediah Disasterous Postgame PressConference


[Caption below the panel:]

Fun fact: Every sport eventually produces a champion competitor named after a common element of the game.