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July 13, 2018

#2019: An Apple for a Dollar

An Apple for a Dollar

[Megan is at the store counter, behind which Ponytail (the cashier) is waiting.]

Megan: Just this apple, thanks.

Ponytail: That will be one dollar.

Megan: Exactly? No tax or anything?

Ponytail: That’s right.

[Megan stares at the apple in a frameless panel.]

[Scene zooms in on Megan.]

Ponytail: …Is that a problem?

Megan: It’s just weird to realize that every other transaction in my life will be more complicated than this.

[Scene changes focus to Ponytail behind the counter.]

Megan: This is like a platonic ideal exchange. An apple for a dollar.

Ponytail: I see.

[Scene changes back to Megan, once again lost in profound contemplation of the apple.]

Megan: Are we on a frictionless plane? Is a train leaving Chicago at 40 mph? Should I solve for something??

Ponytail: Okay, apples are $2.17 now.

Megan: That’s… probably better for us both.