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June 29, 2018

#2013: Rock


[Cueball and Megan are looking at a rock that Megan is holding up in one hand.]

Megan: This rock erupted from a volcano near the South Pole when the world was frozen over, just before multicellular life arose.

[Zoom out reveals that Cueball and Megan are standing on the beach of a bay with hills in the background. The water surface is quite flat without any waves. Megan throws the rock which skips 5 times across the water before it sinks.]

Stone: Skip Skip Skip Skip Skip Plunk

[Zoom back on Cueball and Megan who are still looking in the direction she threw the stone.]

Megan: Now it’ll be covered in sediment that becomes a new rock layer. It will likely stay buried until it melts down, erodes away, or the earth is consumed by the sun.

[Cueball and Megan still looking the same way.]

Cueball: Today was a weird day in its incredibly long life.

Megan: Five brief skips, then eons of darkness.

Cueball: Five is a lot, though!

Megan: It was a good throw.