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May 4, 2018

#1989: IMHO


[Cueball, Megan, and Ponytail stand together, talking.]

Cueball: I thought the “H” in “IMHO” was “humble,” but Buzzfeed ran a poll and “honest” won.

Megan: That can’t be true. Their readers are messing with us.

[Cueball and Megan look at Ponytail.]

Ponytail: Are you sure? I always used it to mean “honest.”

Megan: …What?!

[Close up of Cueball holding a phone. A box with usage of “IMHO” and “TBH” from Google Trends shows “TBH” suddenly rising in 2011, with a second spike in 2014.]

Cueball: It was definitely “humble” in the 1990s.

Cueball: Maybe people who picked it up after the rise of “TBH” in 2011 interpreted it as “honest” and used it that way.

[Cueball, Megan, and Ponytail as before.]

Megan: I can’t get over this. What other wrong opinions do you have?

Megan: The “G” in “G-I-F”?

Ponytail: Silent.

[Close up of Ponytail, with Megan talking from offscreen.]

Megan: The “S” in “SMDH”?

Ponytail: “Swallowing.”

Megan: The “G” in “OMG”?

Ponytail: “Giantess” or “genitals.”

[Cueball, Megan, and Ponytail as before.]

Megan: The Dress?

Ponytail: Black and white.

Megan: Is the database language “sequel” or “ess cue ell”?

Ponytail: I’ve always said “squill.”

Cueball: Okay, the big one: how many spaces after a period?

Ponytail: None; I use tabs.

Cueball: OMG.

Megan: Yeah, mine too.