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May 30, 2018

#2000: xkcd Phone 2000

xkcd Phone 2000

[The comic depicts a smartphone showing many uncommon features. The front view shows a mouse cursor and a circle in the middle. The side view reveals the circle as something like an old photo lens from 1900 extending far above the surface and four large buttons (camera lenses) at the rear. The third view is from the top and just mentions a “hollow ground.” The bottom view looks like as it was opened by a can opener and shows a big USB connector and on the right a small black connection.]



Quad camera takes four copies of every picture

Front-facing camera obscura

3D facial contour analysis shows you a realistic preview of your death mask

Sponsored pixels

Front and rear pop-out grips

Humidity-controlled crisper

Antikythera mechanism

New York Times partnership: all photos taken with camera app are captioned in real time by reporter Maggie Haberman

Spit valve

Standard USB connector

Coin purse-style squeeze access



Keyboard supports dynamic typing

Backflow preventer

Swiss Army partnership: folding knife (unlocks only if Switzerland is invaded)

100% BPA-free PCB construction

AMOLCD display (7-segment)

Runs on battery for the first 6 hours, then uses gasoline

Sharpie® dual stylus (dry-erase + permanent)

Mouse cursor


The xkcd Phone 2000

We’re still hoping this sounds like a futuristic number®®™®©™®