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May 21, 2018

#1996: Morning News

Morning News

[Megan, looking on a smartphone in her hand, and Hairbun are standing together and talk.]

Megan: Every morning, before my eyes even focus all the way, I read a bunch of infuriating national news stories and bad opinions. I wonder what this is doing to my brain.

Megan: It’s probably not great.

[Zoom in to the head of Hairbun.]

Hairbun: Back in my day, we had to pay people to print out infuriating news stories and bring them to our door. And we waited until we had stumbled out to the kitchen to read them.

Hairbun: Totally different.

[Frameless panel, zoom out on both while Megan has lowered her hand holding the phone.]

Megan: OK, fair. But newspapers at least had more local news mixed in, right?

Hairbun: Yeah, true.

[Same as last panel, except it has a border.]

Megan: I bet they weren’t full of bad opinions.

Hairbun: Yyyyyes.

Hairbun: All our opinions were good. It was a remarkable time.

Hairbun: Please don’t go check.