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May 2, 2018

#1988: Containers


[White Hat is sitting at a laptop. Cueball is standing behind him.]

White Hat: Man, Docker is being used for everything.

White Hat: I don’t know how I feel about it.

Cueball: Story time!

[Cueball is standing by himself.]

Cueball: Once, long ago, I wanted to use an old tablet as a wall display.

[A picture of Cueball’s imagined tablet with two applications open side by side. The app on the left is “LiveCam”. The app on the right is Google Calendar.]

Cueball: I had an app and a calendar webpage that I wanted to show side by side, but the OS didn’t have split-screen support.

Cueball: So I decided to build my own app.

[White Hat and Cueball as before, but White Hat has turned to face Cueball.]

Cueball: I downloaded the SDK and the IDE, registered as a developer, and started reading the language’s docs.

[A picture of two smartphones glued together side by side, held on a backing board. The same two applications shown earlier are open on different phones.]

Cueball: …Then I realized it would be way easier to get two smaller phones on eBay and glue them together.

Cueball: On that day, I achieved software enlightenment.

[White Hat and Cueball still facing each other, with White Hat’s arm resting on the back of the chair.]

White Hat: But you never learned to write software.

Cueball: No, I just learned how to glue together stuff that I don’t understand.

White Hat: I…OK, fair.