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May 14, 2018

#1993: Fatal Crash Rate

Fatal Crash Rate

[Graphs are shown inside of a panel.]

[Graph 1:]

My fatal car crash probability based on my age

[Label at 2018:]


[Graph 2:]

Overall US fatal crash rate per mile traveled


General safety improvements

[Graph 3:]

My miles traveled by car per year

[Label after 2018:]

Depends on job, where I live, etc.

[Graph 4, below the previous graphs:]

My estimated lifetime probability of being in a fatal car crash

[Label pointing at late-2020s:]

Point at which self-driving cars become safe and widely adopted, making crashes rare (assuming that happens)

[Label pointing at a gray segment after late-2020s:]

Fatal crashes avoided

[Caption below the panel:]

It feels weird to look at car crash statistics and wonder whether we’ll all be able to stop driving before I’m involved in a fatal crash.