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May 11, 2018

#1992: SafetySat


[A prototype for a small cube-shaped “CubeSat” satellite, with labels on various components.]

[Labeled on top:]

Rare-Earth Magnets

Bic Mini Lighter

Software-Defined Radio (code editable via a public wiki)

[Labeled on right:]

Laser Pointers (fixed)

Laser Pointer (Hubble-seeking)

Ozone-Depleting CFC Spritzer

[Labeled on bottom:]

Celebratory Firework

Volatile Epoxy Seal

Filler (Guncotton)

[Labeled on left:]

Americium Corners

Spark Plug

Solar Panel (found)

Batteries (eBay)

Wet Sand Dispenser

[Labeled from within drawing in white text on top of a black rectangle:]

Crude Oil

[Caption below the panel:]

My CubeSat proposal was the first to be rejected for violating every design and safety requirement simultaneously.