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March 23, 2018

#1971: Personal Data

Personal Data

[Cueball is talking to Ponytail and White Hat. Both of them are looking at Cueball.]

Cueball: Everyone keeps talking about “personal data.” To be honest, I don’t really know what it is.

Cueball: I mean, I understand the idea and know it’s a thing I should protect. But it’s so… abstract.

[Close-up on Ponytail.]

Ponytail: Yeah.

Ponytail: It’s like “the economy.” I don’t really know what the economy is, if we’re getting specific. I know stocks going up is good. For people who own stocks, at least.

Ponytail: Whatever “stocks” are.

[White Hat responds with his arms slightly out and palms open. Both Ponytail and Cueball are looking at him.]

White Hat: Yeah, or taxes. Everyone talks about taxes. What are they? Do I have to pay them? And to who?

Cueball: OK, wait, you definitely need to learn about that one.

Ponytail: Yeah, ideally sometime in the next few weeks.