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February 9, 2018

#1953: The History of Unicode

The History of Unicode


[A bearded man holds a document labeled “Unicode”. Most likely he represents Joe Becker.]

Bearded man: My “Unicode” standard should help reduce problems caused by incompatible binary text encodings.


[A tweet from Twitter is shown. To the left of Senator Angus King’s name is his avatar (a face with a mustache) and to the right is the blue checkmark used by Twitter to signify a verified user.]

Senator Angus King‏


Great news for Maine - we’re getting a lobster emoji!!! Thanks to @unicode for recognizing the impact of this critical crustacean, in Maine and across the country.

Yours truly,

Senator 🐮👑

2/7/18 3:12 PM

[Cueball and the bearded man (the latter now grey-haired) are looking at a wall with the Unicode standard, labeled “1988”, and Senator King’s tweet, labeled “2018”, posted on it.]

Cueball: What… what happened in those thirty years?

Bearded man: Things got a little weird, okay?