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February 7, 2018

#1952: Backpack Decisions

Backpack Decisions

[Cueball stands in front of a store display with 17 backpacks and a couple of boxes on the shelf. He has pulled two backpacks down, and they sit at his feet along with a messenger bag (or satchel) behind him. He thinks to himself:]

It’s down to two: the one with the charger pocket and the one with—

Wait, that other one is waterproof!

Ugh. Do I even want a backpack?

Maybe I should be looking at messenger bags again.

OK, starting over.

[Caption below the comic:]

Amount of time I’ve spent paralyzed by indecision over choosing the right…

[A bar graph is shown. Each label is followed by a black bar representing the amount of time:]

College [short bar that is 40 pixels wide]

Phone [short bar that is 26 pixels wide]

Apartment [short bar that is 33 pixels wide]

Car [shortest bar, 20 pixels wide]

Laptop [second longest bar, 46 pixels wide]

Backpack [longest bar, 202 pixels wide]