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February 21, 2018

#1958: Self-Driving Issues

Self-Driving Issues

[Cueball is speaking while standing alone in a slim panel.]

Cueball: I worry about self-driving car safety features.

[In a frame-less panel it turns out that Cueball is standing between White Hat and Megan, holding his arms out towards each of them, while he continues to speak.]

Cueball: What’s to stop someone from painting fake lines on the road, or dropping a cutout of a pedestrian onto a highway, to make cars swerve and crash?

[Zoom in on Cueball’s head as he continues to contemplate the situation holding a hand to his chin, while looking in White Hat’s direction. Megan replies from off-panel behind him.]

Cueball: Except… those things would also work on human drivers. What’s stopping people now?

Megan (off-panel): Yeah, causing car crashes isn’t hard.

[Zoom back out to show all three of them again.]

White Hat: I guess it’s just that most people aren’t murderers?

Cueball: Oh, right. I always forget.

Megan: An underappreciated component of our road safety system.