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February 14, 2018

#1955: Robots


[Cueball is sitting at his desk in an office chair pointing to his laptop while looking back over his shoulder talking to Megan off-panel.]

Cueball: Did you see this Boston Dynamics robot video?

Cueball: We’re definitely all gonna die.

[Megan walks in to the panel towards Cueball who still looks at her, but stops pointing.]

Megan: You know, it’s funny.

Megan: Humans see a robot open a door, and we all instantly assume we’re in mortal peril.

[Zoom in on the heads of Megan and Cueball, both now looking at the off-panel screen.]

Megan: So doesn’t it make more sense to say the robots are all gonna die?

Cueball: Violently overreacting to a perceived threat? That doesn’t sound like humans.

Megan: Yeah, I must be thinking of some other species.