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November 5, 2018

#2068: Election Night

Election Night

[Megan and Cueball face each other while talking on the left of the panel]

Megan: Ugh, I’m just going to hide out for election night. We’ll know the results the next day anyway. The drama is so unnecessary.

Cueball: Yeah. The internet and the 24-hour news have turned elections into a continuous, inescapable media onslaught.

[A man in a top hat appears on the right side of the panel with a “Poof”]

[Panel with just the man in a top hat, holding a newspaper]

Man in a top hat: Hi! I’m a time traveler from 1896. Let me tell you about our election night coverage.

Man in a top hat: Ahem

Man in a top hat: From the Chicago Tribune

[Zoom in on the head of the man in a top hat]

Man in a top hat: “Once every hour from the roof of the Great Northern Hotel a series of bombs, which will ascend for several thousand feet, will be fired. Two colors will be used, blue and red.”

Man in a top hat: “Blue to indicate McKinley’s election, red to indicate Bryan’s election.”

Man in a top hat: “The bombardment of the skies will commence at 7 o’clock and will be repeated hourly.”

[Grey citation]: Chicago Tribune, Oct 30th & Nov 1st, 1896

[Megan and Cueball on the left looking at the man in the top hat on the right]

Megan: Yeah, well, we have a needle, though.

Man in a top hat: A needle.

Megan: It jiggles!

Man in a top hat: Sounds awful.

Cueball: Listen, you had to be there.