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November 23, 2018

#2076: Horror Movies 2

Horror Movies 2

[White Hat and Cueball are walking, with Cueball holding his arms out in front of him.]

White Hat: So you don’t like any horror movies?

Cueball: Spooky stuff is neat but I hate jump scares and watching people get murdered. Why would you want to see that?

[Zoom in on the two.]

White Hat: It’s like roller coasters. People like experiencing powerful feelings in a safe, controlled setting.

Cueball: But why not good feelings?

[In a frame-less panel Cueball stops and turns towards White Hat.]

White Hat: We’ve always been into tragic stories. Romeo and Juliet, Titanic…

Cueball: See, that’s another thing I don’t get!

[Zoom out again as White Hat walks past Cueball who now hold his arms out to the side as he looks after White Hat.]

Cueball: I loved Titanic because Rose and Jack found each other and seemed so happy! I just hated the ending.

White Hat: I’ll be sure to give James Cameron and Shakespeare your feedback.