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November 21, 2018

#2075: Update Your Address

Update Your Address

[Cueball is standing and talking on a phone.]

Voice: Do you still live at 342 River St?

Cueball: No, I moved last year.

[Cueball is standing behind a counter with Hairy, whose hands are on a keyboard.]

Hairy: Is 21 Ash Tree Lane still a good address?

Cueball: What? That’s my childhood home. How is that even in your system?

[Cueball is talking on a phone again in a borderless panel.]

Voice: The address we have is 205 Second St #2.

Cueball: I… think that’s where my parents lived before I was born!?

[Cueball stands behind another counter with Ponytail and a tablet.]

Ponytail: Are you still living in… “The Austro-Hungarian Empire?”

Cueball: You know what, sure.

Ponytail: Austria-Hungary dissolved in 1918.

Cueball: Well, I come from a long line of people who hate updating stuff.