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November 2, 2018

#2067: Challengers


[A loading screen appears shortly before the large picture has rendered. We can see an American flag in an oval badge with the text:]

I voted

[And beneath a text saying:]


2018 Midterm


The bigger the candidate’s name, the higher the office and the better their chances of success.

[In a frame a zoomable map shows all US-States (Alaska and Hawaii are shown in the left lower corner.) The candidates are shown colored mainly in red and blue at different sizes. Each state has many landmarks shown in gray. There are also many comics embedded into the picture.]

By Randall Munroe, Kelsey Harris, and Max Goodman

Landmarks from Wikipedia. Success odds estimated from district voting history, special election

results, and seat ratings. Thank you to Dailykos Elections for their spreadsheets, shapefiles, election

ratings, and advice, and to @davidshor, @charlotteeffect, and @thedlcc for additional candidate data.