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November 14, 2018

#2072: Evaluating Tech Things

Evaluating Tech Things

[Megan and Cueball talking.]

Megan: Sooner or later, someone is going to fly a drone into a tornado and post the footage to YouTube.

[Zoom in on Cueball imagining a semicircular dial with a moving pointer currently fixed vertically in the mid value. The left-most value indicating his opinion to be “This raises big questions about technology and society” and the right-most being “Haha, cool!”]

[Panel with just Cueball and the imaginary dial above his head, the pointer having shifted a small amout to the right.]

[Same panel with Cueball, his right hand pensively on his chin, the pointer having shifted an equally small amount to the left of the mid value.]

[Panel with Cueball, Megan and the imaginary dial above, the pointer now all the way to the right.]

Cueball: Haha, cool!