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October 5, 2018

#2055: Bluetooth


[Cueball and White Hat are talking, Cueball is holding a cell phone and wireless headphones.]

Cueball: I haven’t used a wireless/bluetooth thingy in like ten years. Is audio stuff still a nightmare?

White Hat: Nah, it’s great now.

[Zoom in on White Hat, who is holding his palm out. Cueball is off-screen.]

White Hat: You tap devices together twice to link them and they flash in sync. (It pairs using accelerometer timing and sound.) Tap them three times to disconnect.

White Hat: You can pair multiple inputs and outputs and it handles it smoothly.

Cueball (off screen): Nice!

White Hat: It just works. Sound comes from where you expect.

Cueball (off screen): Wonderful.

[Zoom out to White Hat and Cueball facing each other.]

White Hat: Haha, just kidding, it’s a nightmare.

Cueball: Noooooo!

White Hat: When I connect to my car, music starts blasting from my headphones while the car repeatedly plays a “New connection!” chime.

Cueball: This is not what Josiah Bluetooth intended!