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October 24, 2018

#2063: Carnot Cycle

Carnot Cycle

[A cartesian plot in the first quadrant with axes labeled “P” on the vertical axis and “V” on the horizontal axis, with a rhombus-shaped set of four points with arrows between them.]

[Caption above the graph:]

The four stages of the

Carnot Cycle

[The first line starts at the top-left point and goes right and slightly downwards to the next point. The label is:]

  1. Isometric Expansion

When heated, the gas becomes larger due to increasing volume

[The next line starts at the last point and goes downwards and a little to the right.]

  1. Isotonic Expansion

The gas expands further due to dark energy while percent milkfat remains constant

[The next line starts at this last point and goes to the left and slightly upwards.]

  1. Isopropyl Compression

While inflation is held constant, the gas contracts due to tightening interest rates

[The last line goes upwards and slightly to the left, returning to the first point.]

  1. Decline and Fall

The gas diminishes and goes into the west while remaining Galadriel, completing the cycle