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January 3, 2018

#1937: IATA Airport Abbreviations

IATA Airport Abbreviations

[A list with abbreviations and their meaning is shown in two columns.]

[On top left the header reads:]

Confused by those airport abbreviations used by your friends who fly a lot?

Just memorize this list!

[On top right an iMessage conversation is shown:]

[There is a text in grey, on the left:]

I’m flying into EWR tonight, then DTW tomorrow.

[Answer (in blue, two message bubbles on the right):]

Ok, cool

I definitely know what those mean without Googling

[The list:]

AMD Amsterdam TMI Turkmenistan International BAE Beijing LAX Las Angalas ORD Orlando EWR Edwards Air Force Base IAD Idaho (Boise) PHL Pittsburgh JFC Jefferson City SWF Sherwood Forest IUD Washington Dulles KUL Kingdom of Loathing FYI Fayetteville STL Silent Hill LOL Louisville BUF Sunnydale ATL Atalante TBA Tribeca HGM Hogsmeade SMH Smithfield OMW Omaha BLT Baltimore ANC Ankh-Morpork YYY Toronto Downtown HSV Hunstville YYZ Toronto Pearson SAN San Diego MIA Colombo, Sri Lanka SAN San Juan CLT [Censored] SAN San Jose FHQ Fhqwhgads SAN San Francisco FFS Flagstaff Station SAN San Antonio DTF Dartford DWI Delaware International MDW Midway Atoll DFW Down for Whatever PDX Pordlanx DTW Down to Whatever SEA [Indicates Water Landing]