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January 26, 2018

#1947: Night Sky

Night Sky

[Cueball and Megan are walking under the night sky.]

Megan: The internet is so overwhelming for me these days. It feels like everyone I know is yelling all the time.

[Frame is zoomed out. Stars are visible in the sky.]

Megan: That’s why it’s so nice to unplug. Leave the phones at home, go for a walk, and look up at the stars.

Megan: It helps you focus on what really matters.

[Frame is zoomed in again.]

Cueball: Like “Where the hell are we?”

Megan: And “Why did I leave my phone at home? It has my map and flashlight.”

Cueball: “Are there mountain lions around here? Did you hear a twig break?”

Megan: Yeah, the big questions!