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January 24, 2018

#1946: Hawaii


[Cueball is standing, slightly crouched, at a desk with one hand on a laptop and the other holding his phone.]

Off-screen voice: Hurry!

Cueball: It keeps saying “Wrong Password!” I’ve tried everything it might be!

Off-screen voice: The clock is ticking!

Cueball: I requested a reset but haven’t gotten it! Which email did I use?!

Off-screen voice: Sirens are going off!!

Cueball: It’s not in my password manager! Is it in a browser? Which browser? Is Autofill synced to my phone??

Off-screen voice: OH MY GOD THE SCREAMING!!

[Caption below the panel:]

I feel bad for everyone in Hawaii, but when the governor couldn’t get into his Twitter account, he lived out one of my very specific nightmares in real life.