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September 29, 2017

#1896: Active Ingredients Only

Active Ingredients Only

[A picture of a pack of cold medicine. At the top there is a large advert in three lines. In a black line, to the right of the advert, white text states what kind of medicine is in the pack. Below to the left is a square frame listing ingredients. Most of the text inside this frame is unreadable scribbles. To the right of the frame is another advert inside a black frame. On the side of the box are also unreadable scribbles, both at the top and down next to the ingredients list. At the bottom of the box it can be seen how the pack can open up.]

Active Ingredients


We’re not here to waste your time®

Cold Medicine

Active ingredients

[Six lines of scribbles, with first a name, then a statement in brackets and finally a column right of this with a short line of scribbles.]

Inactive ingredients


No binders!