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September 13, 2017

#1889: xkcd Phone 6

xkcd Phone 6

[A smartphone is shown, the screen is slightly wider than the case, in the middle is a photo lens, and at the right bottom a small extra part is added to the screen.]

[On top a bracket ranges nearly over the entire width of the case. The text reads:]

Full-width rear camera

[The label at the photo lens is:]

Front camera (centered for eye contact during video chat)

[The label on the extra part says:]

Extra screen

[At the bottom below the case a label reads:]

Wireless charging port

[The labels left to the phone are:]

4k pixels (50x80)

Radium backlight

Sterile packaging


Broad spectrum SPF 30


Burns clean coal

Includes applicator

Fonts developed by NASA

Shroud of turn-style facial transfer unlock

High thread count CPU

Screen goes past the edge

Safe for ages 6-8 months, 10 months, 18 months-3 years, and 12 years and older

[The labels right to the phone are:]

CDC partnership: Phone automatically administers seasonal flu vaccine to cheek every year


Dishwasher safe

GPS transmitter

3-G acceleration

Portable, solar-heated

Pore-cleaning strip

Maximum strength

Never needs sharpening

Can survive up to 30 minutes out of water

Exclusive Audubon Society app identifies birds and lets you control their flight

[Text below the phone:]


The xkcd Phone 6, VIII, 10, X, 26, and 1876

We didn’t start this nonconsecutive version number war, but we will not lose it.™®©°