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August 9, 2017

#1874: Geologic Faults

Geologic Faults

[The comic shows nine different schematic views to present geographic faults and some more.]

[Two planes with a slip fault drifting away to the left and right.]

Normal fault

[Two planes with a slip fault drifting against each other from left and right.]

Reverse fault

[Two planes moving sideways away from each other.]

Transverse fault

[The left plate is moving over the right plate, while the right plate is sliding under the left one]

Thrust fault

[Two planes drifting away and the connection between them gets smaller, like a piece of taffy candy.]

Taffy fault

[On top of both planes a small piece with splints holds them together.]

Splinted fault

[The two planes pressing together with a piece in the middle moving upwards.]

Squeezed-bar-of-soap fault

[The right plane is connected to the left and swinging up and down.]

Apple power cable fault

[One side with a thin connector and the other with an evenly spaced hole connecting the planes together. The pieces fit together like a puzzle.]

Brio fault