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August 30, 2017

#1883: Supervillain Plan

Supervillain Plan

[On the left of this single panel comic Black Hat sits on a high throne, showing a fist, and looking down to Cueball and Magan who stand in front of him on the right.]

Black Hat: … then, after our drones take control of the cities, we will detonate the devices. California will break off from the mainland and drift out to sea!

Megan: How far out to sea? Will it put any of the cities in the UTC-9 time zone?

Black Hat: What? I don’t know.

Megan: One request: Can we make sure this doesn’t happen during the daylight saving changeover?

[Caption below the panel:]

You can tell when someone’s been a programmer for a while because they develop a deep-seated fear of time zone problems.