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August 28, 2017

#1882: Color Models

Color Models

[A simple flowchart is shown. The text above the panel reads:]

Evolution of my understanding of color over time:

[On the left side is a vertical dashed line in gray, on top it’s labeled:]

Grade school

[And at the bottom the label reads:]


[Header above the chart:]

“Color” is…

[The chart starts with three items, one left and an other on the right, a third is below in the middle.]

…three primary colors mixed together

…a rainbow, and each color is a wavelength

…unknowable (“maybe what I see as blue, you see as…”)

[Arrows from the left and the middle item point to a new left one, while two other arrows from the middle and the right item lead to one at the right.]

…three-ish primary colors mixed together (RGB/RYB/CMYK)

…a mix of infinite wavelengths filtered through three eye pigments

[The arrows of both items point to one in the middle:]

(something about the opponent color model)

[The remaining items are all in the middle and each is connected by one arrow downwards to the next.]

…an abstract multidimensional gamut (CIE 1931, Lab*, etc)

…an abstract multidimensional gamut filtered through inconsistently-implemented device color profiles

…a hyperdimensional four-sided quantum Klein manifold? Is that a thing?

…hopefully somebody else’s problem.