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August 2, 2017

#1871: Bun Alert

Bun Alert

[Beret Guy and Ponytail see a rabbit sitting in the grass; Beret Guy points to the bun.]

Beret Guy: Bun alert!

Ponytail: Oh, yeah! Cute!

Beret Guy: Gotta document this. I’ll notify everyone, send out a push alert.

Ponytail: …to who?

[Zoom in on Beret Guy and Ponytail; Beret Guy taps on his phone.]

Beret Guy: Everyone subscribed to the alert system.

Ponytail: Alert system?

Beret Guy: Yeah! We built it over the last few years. It’s pretty small. Still looking for investors.

Ponytail: But…why are you alerting people about rabbits?

[Zoom out; Beret Guy puts away his phone, points at the bun.]

Beret Guy: I mean…look at them. They’re like loaves of bread that hop.

Ponytail: I see.

Beret Guy: People need to know.

[Zoom on Beret Guy in a frameless panel.]

Beret Guy: They need to know:

Beret Guy: There are buns.

[Ponytail walks off, Megan comes running towards Beret Guy with a phone in her hand.]

Ponytail: Okay, uhh, I’m gonna go.

Megan: I got the alert! Where’s the bun? Is it small?

Beret Guy: Extremely.

Megan: Oh my God.