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August 16, 2017

#1877: Eclipse Science

Eclipse Science

[Hairy is speaking into a microphone while interviewing Megan.]

Hairy: Tell us, are you scientists excited for the eclipse?

Megan: Sure, lots of people are!

[Zoom in on Megans head.]

Hairy (off-panel): Is this a big moment for science?

Megan: It’s a big moment for the sky.

[Same setting as first panel in a wider panel.]

Hairy: Are people really excited enough about science to travel to see it?

Megan: Honestly, it’s not that scientific. I mean, it’s cool if you’re into astronomy, but it’s also cool if you’re, like, aware of the sun.

[Same setting.]

Hairy: But there’s lots of science involved.

Megan: I guess? There’s lots of science involved in the Olympics, but you don’t need to be a scientist to watch.

[Megan holds a hand out towards Hairy.]

Megan: It’s not like the concept is all that arcane or mathematical. It’s a thing going in front of another thing.

[Zoom in on Megan holding both arms out.]

Hairy (off-panel): Then why are you so excited?

Megan: I’m excited because it’s a nearly once-in-a-lifetime chance to watch the sun go dark, hear birds freak out, and see a glowing ring appear in the sky with a sunset on every horizon.

[Back to same setting as in the first panel.]

Hairy : Will you be making any scientific observations?

Megan: I will be like, “Holy shit, look at the sky.”

Megan: Maybe also “This is so cool.”

Megan: We’ll see!