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August 11, 2017

#1875: Computers vs Humans

Computers vs Humans

[A laptop sits on a desk with office chair while Cueball is sitting with his back towards the desk in a sofa while he is reading from something in his hands, a book or a smartphone.]

Laptop: We computers finally beat you humans at Go.

Cueball: Yup.

Laptop: Sucks for you!

Cueball: Mm hmm.

[Same setting in a frameless panel.]

Laptop: What’s next? Which quintessentially human thing should we learn to do better than you?

Cueball: Being too cool to care about stuff.

[Same setting.]

Laptop: Okay, I’ll apply 10,000 years of CPU time to the initial—

Cueball: Sounds like you’ve already lost.

Laptop: Damn. This is hard.

Cueball: Is it? Never noticed.