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July 31, 2017

#1870: Emoji Movie Reviews

Emoji Movie Reviews

[Cueball and Megan are walking. Megan is checking her phone.]

Megan: Reviews for The Emoji Movie are… not good.

Cueball: People are just snobs about emoji. I like them! Language is cool and weird.

[Zoom on Megan; Cueball is outside of the frame.]

Megan: It’s apparently 80% product placement.

Cueball (off-screen): Whatever. So was The Lego Movie, and I liked that.

[Zoom out; Cueball looks at Megan’s phone.]

Megan: It features the emoji we all know and love - with a “Meh” emoji in the starring role!

Cueball: Wait… a “Meh” emoji?

Megan: I wondered about that, too; the others are all familiar. Do they mean 😒? Or 😐 or 😕?

Cueball: That’s a little confusing…

[Zoom in on both heads; Megan is looking at her phone.]

Megan: There’s a joke in the movie about the “emoji that no one uses” that includes the eggplant emoji.

Cueball: …was that on purpose? Or did they not run the script by enough people?

[Megan and Cueball continue walking.]

Megan: Here’s a line from the Wikipedia plot summary:

Megan: Gene and Hi-5 come to a piracy app where they meet the hacker emoji Jailbreak, who wants to reach Dropbox so that she can live in the cloud.

Cueball: Okay.

Cueball: It’s possible this movie is bad.