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July 28, 2017

#1869: Positive and Negative Reviews

Positive and Negative Reviews

[A picture with four small bottles and a larger one is shown. The text to the right reads:]

SmartQuench 9000

Sports Drink

20 oz  12-pack

[Below is a list with reviews; a picture for the user (avatar) and the name below, the rating (in stars) and the text to the right.]

—Customer reviews—

Amy 2015 (4 of 5 stars) Perfect after a run

Anon513 (5 of 5 stars) My favorite flavor

Merlin (1 of 5 stars) Drinking this made me thirstier

Mike63 (4 of 5 stars) Good price

B Button (1 of 5 stars) Drank 3 bottles on a hot day and got dehydrated!

[Caption below the frame:]

Physics tells us that negative reviews are really just positive reviews from people traveling backward in time.