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July 17, 2017

#1864: City Nicknames

City Nicknames

[Black Hat, Megan, and Ponytail are standing on a hill overlooking a city. The Gateway Arch is visible, as well as a number of skyscrapers in the skyline.]

Black Hat: Ah, New York. The Hot Tamale.

Megan: This is St. Louis. Also, that’s not–

Black Hat: The Winged City. The Gold Trombone. Castleopolis.

Megan: It’s none of those.

[Close-up of Black Hat]

Black Hat: The Kissing Kingdom. Sandland. The High Place. Ol’ Ironhook.

Megan (off-panel): Still wrong.

Black Hat: The Thousand Spires. The Graveyard of Kings. Bloomtown. Lantern City USA.

Megan (off-panel): Please stop.

[Black Hat, Megan, and Ponytail are walking]

Black Hat: The City of Many Daughters. Big Mauve. The Glass Cradle. The Road Source. London Prime. Hamtown. The Salad Bowl. God’s Boudoir. The Glittering Swamp. The Steel Forest. The Mobius Strip. The Land of Trains and Fog. The Meeting Place. The Dark Star. The Walled Garden. Skin City. The Horse Rotary. Turkeytown. The Naked Towers. The Meta-City. The Urban Orb. The City of Angles. The Big Wheel. Bird City USA. The City of Seven Crowns. Hilltopia. Bug City. The Bottomless Cup. [Text size getting smaller] Lorde’s Fen. The Last Town. The Empty Set. Ghost Harbor.

Megan: How long does this last?

Ponytail: No city has ever let him stay long enough to find out.