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June 9, 2017

#1848: Glacial Erratic

Glacial Erratic

[Ponytail and Megan walks up to a large rock, Ponytail points at it.]

Ponytail: That rock is a glacial erratic-A glacier broke it off from those hills and placed it here.

[In a frame-less panel they stand and watch the rock.]

Megan: What? And just left it here?

Megan: And everybody’s okay with this?

[Megan tries to lift the rock with two hands.]

[Megan turns her back to the rock and tries to push it with all her might.]

Megan: Get…

Megan: …back…

[Ponytail looks on as Megan again has turned around and tries to roll the boulder using both hands.]

Ponytail: Why … Why are you doing that?

Megan: Because fuck glaciers!