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June 5, 2017

#1846: Drone Problems

Drone Problems

[Megan is sitting on her knees at the porch in front of a house with a smartphone in one hand and operating with her other hand a dish-antenna pointing into the sky. Cueball comes walking up towards the stairs up to the porch while he is looking back and up over his shoulder and pointing into the air.]

Megan: People in the park keep flying drones near me, so I’ve built a system to shoot them down.

Cueball: Cool! Oh yeah, there’s one now.

Megan: Time for a test!

[Zoom in on Megan with the device on the porch with Cueball still at the bottom of the stairs leading down. She is operating her phone, which can be seen to be connected with a wire to the dish-antenna device. Cueball is looking away from her and down.]

Megan: Okay, locking on…

Cueball: Wait, it just crashed.

Megan: Damn.

[Cueball has walked up the stairs and are standing behind Megan at the door. Megan is now looking up into the sky while still sitting with her phone in front of the device.]

Cueball: Here comes another one! Aim for… nope, it got stuck in a tree.

[Cueball is now sitting on the porch with a half-full drinking glass in one hand leaning back on the other hand. Megan is gesturing at her device while holding her phone down. Above the top part of the frame, there is another smaller frame overlaid with a caption:]

Three hours later…

Cueball: Finally, two more just— no, one crashed and the other is hurtling sideways toward the lake.

Megan: Will you people learn to fly these things?!