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June 28, 2017

#1856: Existence Proof

Existence Proof

[Miss Lenhart stands in front of a whiteboard and points at calculations written on it.]

Miss Lenhart: There exists some number x such that f(x)=G(f(0))=1.

[Miss Lenhart moves her arm in a frameless panel.]

Miss Lenhart: Oh yes.

Miss Lenhart: Somewhere out there, it exists.

[Zoom-in on Miss Lenhart raising a fist.]

Miss Lenhart: And we must find it… and destroy it.

[Miss Lenhart raises a sword.]

Miss Lenhart: Grab your swords, students! We ride!

Student #1 (off-screen): I think I’m in the wrong math class?

Student #2 (off-screen): I’m finally in the right one.