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June 12, 2017

#1849: Decades


[A timeline across the top of the box marks decades from 1960 to 2030, the labels are above the line and the ticks marking each decade are below.]

[Label: 1960]

60s Music; 60s Fashion; 60s Movies; 60s Culture

[Label: 1970]

70s Music; 70s Fashion; 70s Movies; 70s Culture

[Label: 1980]

80s Music; 80s Fashion; 80s Movies; 80s Culture

[Label: 1990]

90s Music; 90s Fashion; 90s Movies; 90s Culture

[Label: 2000 and 2010]

[Items grouped over two decades.]

Fashion; Culture; Music; Movies

[Label: 2020]

[The text is in light grey font.]

20s Music?; 20s Fashion?; 20s Movies?; 20s Culture?

[Label: 2030]

[Caption below the panel:]

It’s weird how for 20 years we stopped grouping our cultural memories by decade because “2000s” is ambiguous and and “Aughts” and “Teens” never really stuck.