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May 5, 2017

#1833: Code Quality 3

Code Quality 3

[Ponytail sitting in front of a computer screen typing. Cueball speaks only off-panel, but since this is a direct continuation of comic 1513 and 1695: Code Quality and Code Quality 2 where Cueball is shown, there can be no doubt it is him.]

Ponytail: Your code looks like song lyrics written using only the stuff that comes after the question mark in a URL.

Cueball (off-panel): Sorry.

[Zoom in on Ponytail’s upper body.]

Ponytail: It’s like a JSON table of model numbers for flashlights with “tactical” in their names.

[Zoom back out again. Ponytail has lifted her hands off the table and is slightly leaning back against the chair.]

Ponytail: Like you read Turing’s 1936 paper on computing and a page of JavaScript example code and guessed at everything in between.

[Zoom in again on Ponytail’s face.]

Ponytail: It’s like a leet-speak translation of a manifesto by a survivalist cult leader who’s for some reason obsessed with memory allocation.

Cueball (off-panel): I can get someone else to review my code.

Ponytail: Not more than once, I bet.