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May 26, 2017

#1842: Anti-Drone Eagles

Anti-Drone Eagles

[Black Hat, Cueball and Megan are standing and talking.]

Cueball: Everyone loves these eagles that take down drones, but… I dunno.

Megan: You gotta admit, it’s pretty cool.

[Close-up of Cueball.]

Cueball: Yeah, but… training rare animals to hurl themselves at whirling machinery can only get us so far, you know?

[In a frame-less panel the setting is back to that of the first panel.]

Cueball: At some point, it’s like releasing police dogs onto freeways to attack speeding motorcycles.

Megan: Also cool, but I see your point.

[Black Hat lifts his hand and Cueball turns his face towards him.]

Black Hat: Plus, I just finished my autonomous drone that hunts eagles.

Cueball: Man, you are an entirely separate class of problem.