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May 19, 2017

#1839: Doctor Visit

Doctor Visit

[Cueball is seated on an medical examination table while Ponytail stands dressed in a doctor’s coat holding a file in her right hand.]

Cueball: Everything look good?

Ponytail: I don’t get how your body has been moving around for years and still works at all. My USB cables fray after like a month.

Ponytail: Your heart has been pumping for decades without pausing for even a few minutes.

Ponytail: And your eyes! They’re so fragile and exposed!

[Zoom in on Cueball gazing at his palms.]

Ponytail (off-panel): You’re full of all these high-pressure fluids and intricate parts that could kill you in seconds if they stopped working!

[Zoom out again to the entire scene.]

Cueball: …can you just tell me whether I’m healthy?

Ponytail: Yeah, you’re fine.

Ponytail: Which is weird, given that your body is basically made from dissolved bread.